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A two-day workshop to assist professionals to develop key people skills and practical approaches to manage and deliver successful project through management leadership.
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Duration: 2 days PDU:14
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Course Description:
PMI® and PRINCE2® Project
Management concepts

Project Management is a strategic tool for a successful organization to better manage development and change. Best practices demonstrate that organizations that excel
at project management become an agile organization that knows how to deal with and drive change.

"A project is a wonderful device for pulling different functions of a company together – R&D, marketing, finance, production, IS, HR and focusing them on a customer's needs."

In order to remain competitive, organizations have a growing trend to deliver more efficient and effective products and services with fewer resources. This trend is reflected in our life every day. "Project Management" is crucial for success in today's business environment. More and more managers are called upon to lead work teams in non-routine project environment.

What the Seminar Will Help You Achieve:

  • Recognize and practice the leadership skills needed to run a motivated team
  • Identifying and personalizing your management approach
  • Mapping team's potential conflicts areas, and develop solutions for various scenarios
  • Developing motivational strategies for technical and non-technical individuals
  • Achieve lessons learned effect in team building exercise
  • Become an effective communicator and getting the right results
  • Managing performance to promote and leverage the strengths of your staff
  • Assessing the impact of disruptive behavior in the workplace
  • Simulating a complex working environment to improve your communication approach
  • Designing effective feedback techniques
  • Incorporate a process approach into your negotiation skill set
  • Formulate communication strategies based on various situations

Pre-Course Questionnaire

In order to tailor this course precisely to your needs, the course leaders would value information on your knowledge, experience and requirements.

Apollo Strategic Purchasing Management Workshop

Objectives for this training:

  • To understand who your suppliers or potential suppliers are
  • To identify both internal and external suppliers
  • To understand the role of suppliers within the organization's quality management system and their contribution to your organization's innovation and future sustainability
  • To find out how to build a mutually beneficial supplier relationship
  • To examine the importance of your purchasing process and its impact on your supplier performance
  • To understand what information should be given to suppliers, so that they meet your requirements
  • To understand how to work with suppliers to help them identify and meet our expectations and needs
  • To learn the methods for improving communication with suppliers
  • To find out the role of the Service Level Agreements and Quality Plans and how to ensure these are effective
  • To learn about the criteria used and methods for evaluation, re-evaluation and monitoring of supplier performance (based on output and results, based on outcome and results, based on audits of management system)
  • To understand approaches for effective assessment/auditing of suppliers processes/management system
  • To understand what is needed for planning effective and constructive supplier audits/assessments (based on clear objectives, scope and criteria)

Who should attend?

Project directors, program managers, project manager, project team members and everyone who will be involved in a project that wants to lead a successful team

Why you need trained project managers?

The expectations of companies and their clients constantly grow in step with project complexity. Every phase in a project contains pitfalls that must be anticipated so appropriate measures can be taken. The project manager's experience, coupled with a mastery of project management tools and techniques, is key to the success of a project. We also combine this with a coaching service to help your employees put this new knowledge to use and create practical benefits for your organization.
Through a multimedia-enhanced simulation, you manage an extensive and comprehensive project. You use computer- and paper-based tools and templates to actively plan, control and close the project.

Experiential activities include:

  • Understand why projects fail and how proper project management can improve project successes
  • Defining and agreeing on clear project goals and measurable deliverables
  • Brainstorming the work breakdown structure
  • Estimating task duration and work
  • Determining task dependencies and the project schedule
  • Practical approach to achieve quality goals in a project
  • Developing risk management plans
  • Producing the implementation plan
  • Managing and responding to changes
  • Evaluating motivation and team-building issues

Course Format:

Through a combination of breakout sessions, group and individual
work, interactive roundtable discussions and role-plays, delegates will understand the total role of Project Management. This includes using their the newly acquired concept to practice important areas on Communication, Leadership and influence, conflict management, motivation and negotiation.

Trainer will use practical examples and case studies to reinforce and expand the scope to cover applicable concepts for people management, in particular in the fast changing IT/Telecom environment.

From the following industries:

  • Chemistry
  • Petroleum
  • Metal Manufacturer
  • Automobile Manufacturer
  • Mechanical Manufacturer
  • Pharmacy
  • IT Manufacturer
  • Construction

Your International Facilitator:

Francis Hung, Managing Director – Apollo Consulting Group

Francis Hung, MBA, P. Eng, PMP, PRINCE2, ITIL, EIPM

Francis Hung is a Canadian Chinese fully bilingual in English and Chinese professional specializing in project management and procurement managment. A certified trainer for the Project Management Institute and the European Institute of Procurement Management (EIPM) programs. He is stong in PMI project management framework and the PRINCE2 project management methodology training and implementation. He is also a PhD
canadidate in strategic program management.
Francis has years of experience in project management and business development training, has a solid background and extensive work done in business planning, cost management and the implementation of project management office (PMO) for large corporations.


  • Chemical Process Engineering in developing a manufacturing line for military electronic ceramic production,
    using statistical quality control technique.
  • Electronic assembly Engineering: in production of military power supply modules meeting extreme environmental requirements at Murata Erie.
  • Circuit pack manufacturing support for Nortel high volume telephone line circuit pack production. Achieving high yield and production capacity (7million units/year) objectives.
  • Project manager on a joint program with Motorola in manufacturing a high volume solid-state over voltage silicon
    chip module at 300K units per week.


  • Silicon chip designer for Nortel first digital telephone system.
  • Program manager for Nortel's data cross connect system.
  • First internet enabled call center for Shanghai 168 call center.
  • China Mobile network management system.
  • Program manager for China Greatwall CDMA mobile network billing and roaming control (HLR) system.


  • Project director for China largest B-share security trading system.


  • US Military-standard 202 and 28861 implementation for EMI program
  • North America Bell Telephone system spec on LSSGR standard development
  • ISO-9001 certification for first R&D lab in China.


  • Started the first Nortel R&D center in Beijing in 2004.
  • Senior VP of Hong Kong Systek Information Technology (a listed company).
  • President of Canadian Ceramic Society

Our Experience

Beijing Olympics

►Support and enhance the ProgramManagement Office to deliver projects in 3 areas: TV Broadcasting, International Sponsorship & Ticketing

Shanghai F1 Championship
►Set up a Program Management Office to manage the deployment of F1 properties in TV broadcasting and magazine publishing

Guangdong Nortel
►Set up a Program Management Office in the JV Guangdong Nortel in China for cost reductions projects

BUPT Nortel R&D Center
►Start up the first Nortel R&D Center in China for Wireless network development programs

About Francis Hung

  • Project Management Consulting & Training
  • Setting up project management office (PMO)
  • Strategic program management and purchasing management

Sector & Industry Experience:
Manufacturing, Telecom, Information Technology, Finance, Call Center operation

Major Projects
Shanghai 168 Internet Call Center, SYWG security Bshare trading system, Nortel digital cross connect program manager, NASA space shuttle EMI component reliability program, Greatwall CDMA service and billing system


"One of the best course I ever recevied, Francis is absolutely a trainer's trainer." Helen Liu, VP & Associate, Adfaith Management Consultant, Beijing, China.

"Francis is an experienced and well organized trainer with good understanding of the subject. His unique Project Management tool that is so useful and covers all important aspects of project management." – Oonagh Chan, Head of Broadcast Division, Hong Kong Jockey Club.

Day 1

0845 Workshop Introduction
Leadership Management Skills for Professionals

0900 The Role of Leadership
Setting the context for successful leadership

  • How do leaders using vision statement to communicate
  • Leaders versus manager in the organization
  • The importance of stakeholders management
  • Performing stakeholder analysis
  • Develop the stakeholder management plan
  • Balancing typical challenges of project management
  • Selecting and applying best practices
  • Manage project success – Case Study

Developing Management Excellence
A new management identity

  • Transitioning from a technical expert to a manager
  • Balancing leadership and technical issues
  • Managing technical specialists
  • Personalizing your leadership style for different subordinates
  • Aligning your management approach to the model

Motivating Technical Workers
Exploring key motivators

  • What technical people want from work
  • Tailoring the approach to your team
  • Assessing strengths to increase levels of engagement
  • Putting theory into practice

Delegating for Empowerment
Cultivating commitment and accountability

  • Inspiring collaborative partnerships
  • Working with the strengths of your staff
  • Following a proven step-by-step process for delegation
  • Achieving accountability through collaboration

10:30 Break

Facilitating Success for Teams
Organizing and developing effective teamwork

  • Setting ground rules within your team
  • Cutting across organizational units, time zones and geographic boundaries
  • Leveraging team synergy
  • Facilitating team-building activities
  • Harnessing the power of dynamic and diverse teams

Reinforcing and Redirecting Performance through Coaching
Managing day-to-day performance

  • Selecting suitable performance measures that work in a technical environment
  • Strengthening performance by integrating coaching and appraisal techniques
  • Recognizing and addressing ineffective performance
  • Employing constructive feedback as a means of focusing positive behaviors

Implementing Your Managerial Vision
Defining desired outcomes

  • Vision as a practical management tool
  • Focusing team efforts through a common vision
  • Actively pursuing your personal vision
  • Supporting your organizational goals
  • Reinforcing lessons learned – leadership exercise

1245 Luncheon

1345 Develop the Communication skill in a Business Environment

  • Communication Foundation
  • Common mistakes in organization communication
  • Avoiding Communication Breakdowns
  • Translating Across Communication Styles

Effective communication in an organization

  • Listening for Improved Understanding
  • Interpreting nonverbal cues
  • Creating openness
  • Establishing value and trust
  • Matching your body language to your message
  • Enhancing your message to gain your intended results
  • Creating believable and credible messages

Communication in a project team environment

  • Ensuring right information is delivered effectively
  • Communication requirements for a project manager
  • Project communication needs

Workshop - Develop an effective communication plan

15:15 – 1530 Break

Cross-Cultural Communication

  • Navigating beyond cultural boundaries
  • Developing greater sensitivity to cultural differences
  • Avoiding potential cross-cultural pitfalls

Leadership Styles

  • How different leadership styles can be used in a variety of situations
  • Participants will share stories of leaders they admire and examples of good / bad leaders from their own experiences
  • Situational role play exercise will be used to demonstrate behavior pre classification assessment

1700 Conclusion Day One

Day 2

0845 Review Day One

0900 Conflict Management in a Project Environment

Causes of Conflict – A new way of looking at conflict

  • Anatomy of a Conflict
  • Dealing with powerful emotions
  • The life cycle of a conflict: the build-up and the resolution

Conflict in project environments

  • Conflict in project team members
  • Recognizing conflict as a natural part of team development
  • Enabling productive conflict in teams
  • Project manger potential conflict with stakeholders
  • Checklist for potential conflicts
  • Use conflict to your advantage in project environment

Team exercise – identifying sources of conflict in a project team

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30 Introducing the conflict resolution technique

  • Managing your emotions
  • Setting the Foundation for Cooperation
  • Diagnosing the conflict
  • Choosing alternate conflict resolution strategies

Establishing a collaborative environment

  • Setting the stage for success
  • Removing barriers to conversation
  • Dealing with negative emotions
  • Opening the dialog
  • Defusing an angry situation

Resolving the Conflict - Creating the connection

  • Working out the resolution
  • Creating a personal action plan

Role play exercise – Resolving conflict in a project team

1230 Luncheon

1330 Negotiation for Project Managers
Negotiation principles

  • Negotiation needs for a project manager
  • Elements of negotiation
  • The 5-step negotiation process model
  • Planning Wise Negotiation Outcomes
  • The components of a negotiation plan

Setting the stage for successful negotiation

  • Logistics for successful outcomes
  • Timely Starting and Closing Actions
  • Knowing when to Agree, Bargain, Control or Delay (ABCD)
  • Gaining collaboration and support

Team Exercise – develop a negotiation plan

15.30 Afternoon Refreshments

Dealing with difficult situations

  • Going Head-to-Head with "Hardball" Negotiators
  • Intimidation, games and tactics
  • Negotiation tactics for effective outcomes
  • Countering the win/lose mindset

Negotiation approach for different scenarios

  • Negotiation plan with suppliers
  • Negotiation with team members
  • Negotiation with your clients
  • Negotiation with your boss
  • Developing rapport

Closing – ripping the benefits of hard work

  • Importance of proper closing
  • Closing checklist
  • Team exercise – Practice what we learned

17.00 Workshop Summary & Closure






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Soft skills-Customer Comments

“One of the best course I have attended. ” Helen Liu, VP of Human Resource, Adfaith Beijing, China.

“Two thumbs up! I recommend anyone who runs project should take this course.” Jude Lee, System Architect, Hong Kong Jockey Club.

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