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Modern Marketing Planning and strategy

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Course Audience
Marketing Team: Marketing Managers, Sales Managers, Advertising Managers, Market Research Managers, Customer Relationship Managers, Project Managers, Entrepreneurs, and Marketing Management Consultants.
Course Objectives
  • Provides an understanding of the marketing management framework of a business organization
  • Offers experiential analysis to understand the challenges of Marketing Managers
  • Focuses on marketing management best practices, tools and models to implement an effective marketing management system
  • Provides insights on how to develop marketing strategies, initiatives and programs to build and sustain a competitive market advantage
  • Provides a practical framework for planning and controlling of marketing programs
  • Be able to develop an effective marketing plan for the changing market
Training Focus:
Develop the core marketing management skills and competencies. The core competencies include marketing knowledge, planning, control, problem-solving and communication.
Key Concepts
  • Marketing Mix 4Ps (Product, Price, Place and Promotion)
  • Market Research
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • E-Marketing
  • Competition
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • PESTLE Analysis
  • SWOT Analysis and case study
  • Porter's Competitive Advantage. Porter's 5 Competitive Forces
  • How to create value for your customers
  • Product Lifecycle (PLC)
Course Outline / Customization Subjects
  • Marketing Principles: products and services lifecycles, the marketing "Ps", product design, delivery and distribution, packaging and presentation, pricing and promotion, and people
  • Marketing Strategy: focuses on development, implementation, and control of marketing strategies needed to attain and sustain a competitive market advantage
Day 1 - am 1
Market Segmentation and Sizing
Delegates then find out how to create a credible estimate of the market size. Using top-down research driven data, supported by bottom up unit-price data, delegates are taught how to build a detailed view of the available market, and derive a credible revenue estimate from this.
Key areas covered:
  • Market Scope Strategy
  • Identifying market potential
  • Defining your market
  • Market segmentation
  • Estimate your market size
  • Revenue estimate
Day 1 - am 2  
Marketing Research:
Understanding customers to create value - understanding the psychological aspects of buyer behavior. How clients make buying decisions and interpret advertising and sales messages
Key areas covered:
  • Competitive intelligence Primary market research
  • Secondary market research
  • Tools and techniques for primary and secondary market research
  • Assessing product opportunities
Day 1 - pm 1 alt
Competitor Analysis
Key areas covered:
  • Gathering competitive information
  • SWOT analysis
  • Understanding competitor objectives
  • Product analysis
  • Applying Porta's market five forces model
Day 1 - pm 2
Key areas covered:
  • Product positioning theory
  • Building product positioning statements
  • Defining the key messages for your customers
  • Market Entry Strategy
  • Case studies
Day 2 – am 1
Pricing and Business Case Building
Key areas covered:
  • Building a pricing strategy
  • Pricing techniques for new and established products
  • Business case building
  • Licensing models
  • Case studies
Day 2 - am 2
Product portfolio management
Product portfolio management takes the organization vision and translates into a strategy. It accomplishes it mission by a proper selection of the winning product; manage through its lifecycle to realize benefits for the organization. Key topics include:
  • Establish the product strategy
  • The product portfolio process introduction
  • Idea screening method
  • Select the right product idea and prioritize
  • Ranking and score card technique
  • Getting stakeholder's support
  • Risk versus return model
  • Pipeline management
  • Resource allocation
  • Product management through its lifecycle
Day 2 - am 3
Advertising and Brand Communications: managing the brand, the elements of the marketing-mix product policy, channels of distribution, communication, and pricing to satisfy customer needs profitably.
Marketing Communications Mix: understanding the elements of marketing communication program including advertising, personal selling, public relations, sales promotion and direct marketing.
Key areas covered:
  • Develop the promotion strategy
  • Advertizing and media selection
  • The communication model and how to maximize its effect
  • Cross-functional communication
  • Communicating with customers
  • Establish the distribution and channel strategy
Day 2 - pm 1
Publicity and Public Relations:study of the implications of public relations on marketing, corporate identity, public policy advocacy and lobbying, issues management, media relations
Day 2 - pm 2
Challenge in launching a high tech product
  • Why most high tech products fail in the market
  • High tech product value chain
  • Product innovation stage versus product lifecycle
  • Crossing the chasm
  • Key steps in driving innovation products
  • 10 steps in avoid falling into high tech product victim
Day 2 - pm 3
Ongoing marketing planning
  • Product planning – managing between programs and projects
  • Develop the annual marketing and marketing program plans
  • Marketing planning and the senior management team
  • Incorporate marketing planning into your daily job
  • Making continuous improvement in marketing



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