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Advanced Negotiation for Sourcing Managers
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Apollo Negotiation Training Workshop

In today's highly competitive business environment, whether you are in purchasing, sales or general management, negotiation skills are crucial to the company performance and your career success. This two days interactive event management workshop will provide participants with the tools to achieve success. This course will take your negotiation skills to the next level with this challenging and interactive workshop. The program takes a consultative approach to address the common dilemmas and concrete issues that experienced negotiators have identified to us. Through case studies, sharing of intellectual capital and tools, and facilitated group discussion, the workshop covers various advanced negotiation topics.

The workshop fosters awareness of negotiation as joint problem solving throughout the procurement and supply chain process that requires understanding other parties' needs and concerns. Participants learn to generate innovative solutions to satisfy those needs. They apply analytical and preparation tools to their specific work challenges, act as advisors to one another, and develop uses for the new principles and tools back on the job. At the same time, they examine how they can manage working relationships both outside and inside their organization for negotiation success.

What you will learn

  • How to reduce costs in the purchasing process
  • How to identify areas for processes improvement
  • What purchasing strategy to use before negotiation
  • How to negotiate to increase or maintain the appropriate quality levels
  • How to negotiate for reduction in inventory levels
  • How to ensure schedule deliveries to arrive on time
  • How to maintain good working relationships internally and with suppliers
  • How to ensure risk factors are taking into consideration during negotiation

Who Should Attend

This workshop is intended for anyone who is involved in purchasing activities that need to negotiate their way to achieving objectives in today's complex environment. People in the following categories would get the maximum benefits:

  • Purchasing directors
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Lead buyers
  • Buyers
  • Project Managers
  • Production Managers

Topics Covered:

  • Analyzing and appraising negotiation situations
  • Preparing a cohesive negotiation strategy for important deals
  • Using effective bargaining techniques and strategies
  • Creating win-win outcomes for your team and the other negotiating party, creating higher value and better relationships
  • Defending yourself against aggressive negotiating tactics
  • Dealing with different cultures and negotiation styles
  • Managing your emotions and behavior
  • Keeping everyone focused on positive outcomes throughout the negotiation process

Course Facilitator

Francis Hung, MBA, PMP, PRINCE2, MSP, ITIL is a bilingual professional specializing in portfolio, project and program management and purchasing management. He is also the faculty member of the European Institute of Purchasing Management lecturing advanced purchasing courses. For the past 30 years he has worked with large companies in project and event managements from the US, Canada and Asia. In particular, his work in the adaptation of project management processes and his creation of an event management body of knowledge supply the strong skeletal structure. Thanks to his years of experience with Nortel, he brings practical information, an insider’s view of the corporate world, and many live stories (both from his own experience and from her co-workers, vendors, and friends in the corporate community) to match the theory to reality. Francis was a Nortel program manager directing multiple projects simultaneously following the Nortel corporate project management process, which he now applies to his own independent project management business.

Advanced Negotiation Workshop

Day 1
0900 – 0915 Introduction & setting training objectives
0915– 1030 Quick review of the basics
Skills and competencies of a good negotiator
Different types of negotiation situation Basic concepts (win-win vs. win-lose, BATNA, ZOPA, etc)
1030 – 1045 Break
1045 – 1215 Building the foundation
Preparation (The 4 key set of information that you need to prepare before the negotiation)
Where are whom can you get the information
The market analysis
Case study
1215-1330 Lunch

1330 – 1445 The negotiation Process for purchasing – Part 1
Determine when to negotiate and when not lose sight of the different stages and techniques for each stage during negotiation. We’ll look at the challenges of each stage, what tends to go wrong and best practice in setting it right.
Stage 1: Setting QCD goals in sourcing negotiation
Stage 2: Understand the Total Cost of Ownership with a purchased item
Stage 3: Research interests and alternatives of both parties
Stage 4: Plan strategy for various purchased items
Negotiation exercise
1500 – 1515 Break
1515 – 1700 The negotiation Process for purchasing – Part 2
Stage 4: Exchanging information, bring suppliers in line with your thoughts
Stage 5: Opening the negotiation
Stage 6: Bargaining to create highest value
Stage 7: Closing with real commitment to the deal
Negotiation exercise

Day 2
0900 – 0915 Recap of first day learning
0915 – 1030 Negotiation Strategy and Techniques
You’ll go more into depth in setting the right negotiation strategy in line with the goal you want to achieve and the context in which you are dealing.
Negotiating/conflict handling styles - you vs. others and how the styles interact
Choosing a negotiation style appropriate for the situation
Creative bargaining – identifying opportunities for win-win
Case Study
1030 – 1045 Break
1045 – 1215 Negotiating for a good supplier relationship
Negotiation tactics and techniques for different situations (strong hand, weak hand, etc)
Negotiation for long term win-win (Best Practice for Supplier negotiation)

Defending yourself against high-pressure negotiation tactics
Team negotiation exercise
1215 – 1330 Lunch

1330 – 1445 Handling Yourself in a Negotiation
One of the most daunting aspects of negotiation is managing the relationship with the other party, managing your emotions and impulses, and steadily working toward the goal. Through some theory and more practical application you will learn:
Managing the relationship
Managing your emotions and behavior
Focused on positive outcomes throughout the negotiation process
1445 – 1500 Break
1515 – 1700 Capture the Benefits of Negotiation
Building credibility and reputation for fair dealing
Understand the various costs
Complex, multi-party negotiation exercise





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