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If you are a professional, looking to achieve a promotion, improve your employability or simply just looking to improve yourself then soft skills courses could be exactly what you need. Designed to develop participants' practical business and social skills in order to be transferred into the work place, soft skills courses are both useful and practical.


The great thing about learning soft skills is that most people already possess the foundation knowledge as they use it in their everyday lives, however, they are often unaware of how to transfer these social graces and everyday etiquette to their workplace.

Although some people can lead successful business careers without any training not everyone naturally possesses the key elements to this success. The focus of soft skills training is to hone natural ability into perfected skill in order to help you to reach your goals.

Courses Description
Course Name
Course Description
Over the two days you will learn, through highly interactive and practical facilitation, how to be more assertive and confident in yourself and your abilities.


Communication Skills 1 or 2 Day Workshop

Whether you are already a good communicator looking to gain a professional edge or need to improve in particular areas like relationship building or conflict resolution, this highly practical, interactive course will take your communication skills to the next level.
Getting it right can make a difference to the future of that relationship and your reputation as a manager.
This half-day program is fun and highly interactive. Delegates will have lots of practice at delegating skillfully and receive individual coaching on their performance.
This course focuses on the key skills required for undertaking an effective appraisal.
This course will examine the fundamentals of a business plan and through the use of practical examples demonstrate best practice to delegates.
This course gives participants tools, strategies and confidence in how to influence and inspire others in the workplace, whether it's their team, their colleagues, their customers or any stakeholders.
This course provides delegates with the vital practical tools and techniques in managing and developing themselves and their teams to ensure that their professional and business goals are achieved.
This practical seminar will demonstrate a range of methods and tactics to enable you to improve your people management skills, in order to increase the return on investment your staff deliver, whilst generating a happy 'self-starting' environment.
This course is particularly useful for those managing small teams and projects.
This course will be particulrly useful for any individual who would like to influence upwards more effectively
This course uses the latest thinking from Harvard Business School to achieve sustainable negotiated agreements that satisfy all parties at the table, using powerful tools to deal with the most complex of multi-party negotiations.
This two days interactive event management workshop will provide participants with the tools to achieve success. This course will take your negotiation skills to the next level with this challenging and interactive workshop. The program takes a consultative approach to address the common dilemmas and concrete issues that experienced negotiators have identified to us.
Feedback and support will be given throughout the day: you will be amazed at the results and your increased confidence and ability.
The course is highly participative and interactive and delegates will leave with a time management action plan to ensure that they use what they learn.
The effective design and delivery of training incorporates a variety of practical methods such as ice-breakers, role-plays, group work etc to enhance the learning experience.
Through a series of practical exercises and useful tips, the course will instill confidence and develop ability.

Through practical hands-on exercises, you create compelling and powerful business documents and reports.

This training will give you the insider's knowledge in each sector, from the foreigners living in China, to the selling your products or services in this country with over 1.3 billion opportunities.

Executive PA Performance Coaching can transform how you develop and influence your own career as a professional and ambitious Assistant.
This workshop provides the techniques and language structures to communicate either prepared or spontaneously with clarity, confidence and impact in a variety of situations. It ensures that ideas are presented in ways that will be understood and remembered and that you can respond quickly in challenging situations.
Improving levels of cultural awareness can help companies build international competencies and enable individuals to become more globally sensitive, be able to communicate effectively to deliver results.
In this training, Germany and USA have been selected as the representative of the Western countries for their culture characteristics.

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Soft skills-Customer Comments

“One of the best course I have attended. ” Helen Liu, VP of Human Resource, Adfaith Beijing, China.

“Two thumbs up! I recommend anyone who runs project should take this course.” Jude Lee, System Architect, Hong Kong Jockey Club.

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