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Sourcing Management for Projects
Course: PUM002 Duration:2 days PDU: 14 Check Schedule and Location
Apollo Project Sourcing Management Workshop
The Project Sourcing process focuses on using project management and sourcing skills to assure the efficiency and effectiveness of the project it is suppporting. Many business projects fail due to poor up‐front planning. Effective project management provides the assigned team with a freamwork to guide the project and help them develop tools to measure the results.
Many supply management professionals underutilize project management planning skills as part of the sourcing process. This workshop will provide sourcing managers with an understanding of the planning process and how to effectively use it in their internal teams and projects. By adapting better project planning skills towards sourcing goods and services, today's supply manager can better achieve the goals and objectives set forth by senior purchasing management
Who Should Attend
Anyone who is currently involved directly or indirectly involved in the purchasing activties will be benefited to this training.People in the following categorieswill find the workshop particularly useful:
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Lead Buyers
  • Buyers
  • Project Managers or Team Leaders who needs to interface with supplers
Topics Covered:
  • Project Procurement Preparation — from the general purchase request to supplier selection, this section covers all process and best practice to ensure correct ordering for the best efficiency.
  • Supply Chain Management — managing quality, delivery and cost and the logistics of the complete supply chain, obtaining the best value for the purchase.
  • Purchasing Risk Management — using industry's best practice to mitigate risk and provide fallback position. Techniques and best practice from strategy to risk monitoring and control.
  • Contract Management — Monitor supplier performance, dealing with changes and ensuring meeting project delivery objectives.
  • Supplier Relationship Management— This section covers techniques to encourage suppliers to invest for long term mutual gains.
  • Evaluation of Purchasing contribution - defining metrics and measurements. Track results and contribution from purchasing.
The Collaborative Project Overview The underlying goal is to provide stakeholders, team leaders and team members an agreed‐upon reference point to guide them through a project to successful completion.
  • The Processes Focus the team only on the stated project
  • Prioritize tasks
  • Allocate resources
  • Establish timelines and milestones Mitigate risks
  • Ensure the end product meets expectations
Course Facilitator
Francis Hung, MBA, PMP, PRINCE2, MSP, ITIL is a bilingual professional specializing in portfolio,project and program management and purchasing management. He is also the faculty member of the European Institute of Purchasing Management lecturing advanced purchasing courses. For the past 30 years he has worked with large companies in project and event managements from the US, Canada and Asia. In particular, his work in the adaptation of project management processes and his creation of an event management body of knowledge supply the strong skeletal structure. Thanks to his years of experience with Nortel, he brings practical information, an insider's view of the corporate world, and many live stories (both from his own experience and from her co‐workers, vendors, and friends in the corporate community) to match the theory to reality. Francis was a Nortel program manager directing multiple projects simultaneously following the Nortel corporate project management process, which he now applies to his own independent project management business.
Project Sourcing Management Workshop
Day 1

Introduction & setting training objectives
Project Procurement Preparation
Project Procurement Strategy and Management
Project Stakeholder Management
Development of Project Procurement Terms and Conditions and Bidders Lists

Preparation of Request for Proposal (RFP) Packages
Evaluation and Analysis of Supplier Proposals and Preparation of Bid Evaluations
Recommendations of Appropriate Supplier/Subcontractor for Award
Preparation of Procurement Packages for Award

Supply Chain Management
Time Management & Delivery Model
Coordination of Supplier Activities
Logistics Management

Supplier Quality Control
Cost of Quality
Total Cost of Ownership

Day 2
Review Day 1 key points

Purchasing Risk Management
Risk Management Strategy
Risk Management Process

Identify purchasing risk in a project
Establish a credible risk management plan
Setup team goal to mitigate risk for success

Contract Management and Supplier Relationship Management
Invoicing Review and Payment Approval
Supplier Performance
Monitoring and Control


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