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Innovation is a crucial ingredient in all economic progress. Innovation provides high quality growth for nations, more competitive products for companies, and more prosperous careers for individuals. During the recession we tried to save cost, it is just important to have innovation to create more opportunities, create more products to meet our daily consumption or reduced dependency on the export market dependency. Innovation has become a key feature in national or country competitive advantage. The course explains in detail how different tools in TRIZ are connected, a system of 76 Inventive Standards and Substance-Field Modeling, the TRIZ Trends and Lines of Technology Evolution and their link with Inventive Standards, and Algorithm of Solving Inventive Problems (ARIZ) in combination with Root Conflict Analysis (RCA+). The course includes intensive practical work with real-world problems brought by the participants.

Course Benefits

  • Understanding advanced TRIZ fundamentals.
  • Understanding of the methodology of TRIZ and Systematic Innovation.
  • Practical skills with TRIZ and Systematic Innovation techniques to solve innovative problems.
  • Ability to solve inventive and innovative problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Ability to attack and solve innovative problems systematically and turning innovation to a planned activity
  • Better understanding of technological innovation.
  • Learning and mastering practical skills with techniques of Advanced TRIZ.
  • Learning and understanding TRIZ Laws, Trends and Lines of Technology and Technical Products Evolution.
  • Ability to perform Substance-Field Modeling and find creative solutions to problems with Inventive Standards
  • Understanding ARIZ concepts and a process with ARIZ.
  • Gaining practical skills with ARIZ to solve most difficult inventive problems.

Who Should Attend

The course is intended for those who want to learn TRIZ at the advanced level and incorporate its techniques to everyday use. It not only can help technologists, engineers, scientists, R&D professionals, but also those who want to have new ideas in solving everyday problems. It can also be useful for product managers, marketers, architects, consultants and those who can be benefited by innovative solutions.

The course is designed in a such a way that its material can be learned by both TRIZ beginners and those who already took some preliminary basic training in TRIZ and want to broaden and deepen their knowledge and master skills with advanced TRIZ techniques.


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